June 14, 2013

High School Memories Mini Album

Hello friends, I decorated the mini album that I made with cardstock pages. I also created an insert for this mini. Take a look on my video. Blessings, Christy


  1. Hi Christy,
    I love watching your videos, please keep up the great work. I do have a question, what template do you use in your high school memories album to create the inserts that look like clipboards? The top portion of the insert, to be exact.
    Thank you and I look forward to more ideas from you, Tina

    1. Hi Tina,
      Thank you for your comment. There is not a template for the top part of the clipboard. I created that one by looking to a real one... I will be more than happy to share my template but I need more time. I will let you know when I uploaded it.