March 31, 2017

Embellishments using silicone molds

Hello  everyone, I made the tutorial of how to make your embellishments using silicone molds using caulk and Plaster of Paris. Thank you for watching my videos. Have fun creating!

Paris Shadow Box

Hello everyone, this is the project share that I made using my silicone molds and dies from Aliexpress. I hope you get inspired to give it a try. Blessings, Christy

March 27, 2017

Silicone Molds

Hello everyone, here are the new molds that I bought at Aliexpress. I use them as embellishments for scrapbooking or with mixed media. Thanks for watching. Blessings, Christy

March 12, 2017

My Aliexpress Hauls

Hello everyone, I want to share my haul videos from Aliexpress. The prices are affordable and I love the variety of supplies that you can get there. Happy shopping!
Blessings to all! Christy

November 1, 2016

How to Shop On AliExpress

Hello everyone, I recently shop from Aliexpress and I want to share with you how to shop from them and save money. Happy shopping! Blessings to All! Christy

Shabby Chic Banner

Hello everyone, I made this shabby chic banner and I want to share with you what I used and how I did it. Blessings, Christy

October 13, 2016

Organization Using Jars

Hello everyone, I want to share some organization ideas using jars and how I display my paper tassels. I hope you like these ideas. Blessings to All!
Reuse - Reduce - Recycle

October 10, 2016

Glue Gun Holder

Hello crafters, here I share how I made my glue gun holder. I hope is a good idea for you too!
Blessings, Christy

Paper Tassels Tutorial

Hello everyone, here is a tutorial on how to make paper tassels. You can use them to embellish your journal, planners, mini albums, pocket letters, flip books, gift bags, etc. Enjoy crafting!
Blessings, Christy

August 26, 2016

Bags for Goodies

Hello everyone, here is the tutorial of my bags for goodies that you can share with your friends. They can be purses for sending treats, party favors bags, or even a flipbook if you fill it with cards and embellishments. Enjoy crafting and have a blessed day!